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#89. Jaime Verk. Reiki, Shamanism, Tant...
In this episode I speak to Jaime Verk aka Jlove. Jaime is a spiritual guide, mentor, teacher, and facilitator. She...
July 12, 2024
#88. Santevia
In this I have a conversation with CEO Mathew Gohl of Santevia. A Canadian company out of British Columbia that sp...
June 24, 2024
#87. Myodeotox with Dr. Natalie Ng
In this episode we have a discussion with Dr. Natalie Ng a Chiropractor and Director of Myodetox Mississauga. Dr. ...
June 14, 2024
#86. Poōrna Wellness
Founder Surbhi Joshi of Poōrna Wellness explains her journey from India to Canada to Entertainment and Media to ...
May 31, 2024
#85. Dynamic Body Balance
Anette offers her Dynamic Body Balance Massage to help people with musculoskeletal or neurological conditions, sci...
May 17, 2024
#84. Focused Life Force Energy
In this episode I speak Jeffrey Stegman and Clayten Stedmann, founders of Focused Life Force Energy (FLFE). We div...
May 03, 2024
#83. Funky Iceland
In this episode I speak to Lalli, a local Icelander, who shares up to date information about the happenings of Ice...
April 26, 2024
# 82. SaunaSpace
In this episode I speak to founder and creator of SaunaSpace,Brian Richards. We dive into the world of saunas, dif...
April 12, 2024
#81. Betty R. Robinson
I have a conversation with Betty, an author, educational science editor, and a passionate life long learner. Betty...
March 29, 2024
#80. Oasis of Healing Spa
Christine Cardoza is an Intuitive Business Coach, Quantum Energy Healer, and Emotional or Sacral Intimacy Coach. S...
March 15, 2024
#79. Dr. Katarina Vaculik. Naturopathic...
In this episode I have a conversation with Dr. V, a local Naturopathic Doctor serving the greater Mississauga area...
March 01, 2024
#78. Mikey Bloom "Mississauga Anthem"
Mikey Bloom's composition called Mississauga Anthem was selected as a 50th Anniversary song for the City of Missis...
February 16, 2024
#77. Feldenkrais Method with Saadia Esa...
In this episode, I speak to Saadia. We have discussion around what the Feldenkrais Method is, how it is different ...
February 02, 2024
#76. Audra Sky. Crystal Art
In this episode I speak to Audra who shares insights and reflections on her Crystal Art and the positive impact it...
January 19, 2024
#75. The Energy Enhancement System
In this episode I speak to Eli, founder of The Etheric Alignment Studio in Mississauga. The very first of its kind...
January 05, 2024
#74. Healy
In this episode, I have a conversation with Nicole, who shares a new approach to wellness and health. We have an i...
December 22, 2023
#73. Reiki with a Master
Daxa a Reiki Master Teacher and the former Director of the Canadian Reiki Association dives deeper into this wonde...
December 08, 2023
#72. Melanie Curtin: Sex Dating, Relati...
Melanie is a contributor to the world of relationships. She is a sex researcher and specializes in bringing a woma...
November 24, 2023
#71. Hickory Heat Port Credit
We speak to Vikram who brings the First Alabama Style Ribs to Mississauga. He shares the journey and gives us some...
November 10, 2023
#70. Dr. Chris Shoemaker
In this in-depth yet very effective delivery, Dr. Shoemaker shares truths and insights to the origins of Covid 19,...
October 27, 2023
#69. Ester
In this episode we have a discussion around the wisdom of Kundalini and Shakti vs. the popular modern culture intehttps://www.facebook.com/groups/645471613303775


YouTube channel


October 13, 2023
#68. Alex From GeorgeTown
Alex is a former NCAA and a semi-professional athlete player who originally studied health science before the swi...
September 29, 2023
#67. Conscious Galactic
In this episode I have a conversation with Carman. We have a discussion on what the Aquarius Age is. Carman also s...
September 15, 2023
#66. ShaktiEssentials
In this Episode I speak to founder Hyun Lee, who introduces her new skin care line product called Shakti Essential...
September 01, 2023
# 65. Aesthetics Academy Pro
In this episode I speak to my personal health and fitness Coach. Jeckov helped me loose 30 pounds. He shares his e...
August 18, 2023
# 64. Master Flute Player (Vishal Bedi)
In this episode I speak to a gifted Flute Master. Vishal shares his passion for the Flute, his dedication to the a...
August 04, 2023
#63. Falafel Plus
In today's episode I speak to Hisham Amleh, owner of a very popular Falafel Restaurant in Mississauga. Hisham shar...
July 21, 2023
#62. Nani's Gelato
In this episode I speak to Parry founder of Nani's Gelato. He shares his journey from Thunder Bay to now operating...
July 14, 2023
#61. Harpreet Singh Registered Homeopat...
In this episode we have a discussion on Homeopathy. What is it?  Benefits?  Harpreet also shares alternative opt...
July 07, 2023
#60. Total Recall. "Awaken Your Dreams"
In this episode I have a conversation with Rory who has a background in Nutrition and Marek a Geneticist. Both hav...
June 30, 2023
#59. Peoples Union of Ontario
In this episode I speak to Lisa who is the Facilitator of the Peoples Union of Ontario.  She shares her upbringin...
June 23, 2023
# 58. Monarch Academy "Real Education"
In this episode I have a conversation with Agnes, founder of Monarch Academy. Agnes shares why it is important for...
June 16, 2023
#57. Energy Healer and Hyper Intuitive
In this episode I speak to Tracy an Energy Healer and a Hyper Intuitive.  Tracy shares how her early struggle...
June 09, 2023
#56. Native American Spirituality and T...
In this episode I speak to Diane with over 23 years of experience in many specialized healing modalities. We have ...
June 04, 2023
#55. Studio 89
In this episode, I speak to Simran, who began as a Barista at the age of 15 at Studio 89, and has become a prime m...
May 26, 2023
#54. The Royal Astronomical Society of ...
In this episode I speak to Randy Atwood, President of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Mississauga Centre...
May 19, 2023
# 53. Premier Canadian Mint. (2023)
Attila shares his journey inside of the World of Minting, the Misconceptions, and Facts. We also have a discussio...
May 12, 2023
#52. Gold and Silver with Mr Jerry Corr...
In this I episode I speak to Jerry Correia, Vice President of Sales of Guildhall Wealth Management. We talk everyt1.866.274.9570
Telephone: 905.305.8422

May 05, 2023
#51. Mrs. Mississauga
In this episode I speak to the current Mrs. Mississauga. She shares her humble beginnings in Nigeria, her drive of...
April 28, 2023
#50. Fatema Patanwala Registered Homeop...
In this episode I speak to Fatema a Homeopath serving the greater Mississauga Area.  She talks about her earl...
April 21, 2023
#49. The Credit King (Vita King)
In this episode I speak to Vita, Known as the Credit King. He shares his passion of educating and teaching people

To reach Vita king,  go to 


Youtube : King The Credit Coach  


April 14, 2023
#48. Modern Mississauga Media Ltd. Jay ...
In this episode I speak to founder/publisher of Modern Mississauga Media Ltd.  Jay Kana shares his passion fo...
March 31, 2023
#47. Dr. Klover : Vaccines. Pandemic.
In this episode I speak to Dr. Klover. A passionate Chiropractor who shares his journey from moving from Newfoundl...
March 17, 2023
#46. Fatin Hasan Registered Psychothera...
In this episode, I have a conversation about Mental Wellbeing.   Fatan Hasan shares her earlier experiences of l...
March 03, 2023
#45. The Conservatory of Music
In this episode I speak to Ida, who established the Conservatory of Music Enhanced Education in 1994. She shares h...
February 18, 2023
#44. The Shabir
In this episode I speak to "The Shabir."  We have an all out conversation on friendship, paint balling, life

Goodreads = sbthestudent

Ig = sbthestudent

Podcast = Speak Ur Perspective https://youtu.be/0p_OQx2yH84

February 03, 2023
#43. Biodanza
In this episode I speak with Diana Ojeda who is the first Biodanza facilitator in Toronto.  She shares how this f...
January 27, 2023
#42. Fresh Start: 2023
In this episode, I share the growth of Mississauga keeping it real from a Podcast to a Community Hub here in the c...
January 17, 2023
In this episode, I speak to Mekisha, founder of  EVERBELLA.  She shares her journey from arts and crafts in high...
December 16, 2022
#40. Dr. Maria Salome DMD
In this episode, I speak to Dentist Maria Salome who is part of accredited associations and organizations across C...
December 09, 2022
#39. Meltwich Food Co.
In this episode, I speak to Mike, owner of Meltwich Food Co.  in and around the Square One Area.  He shares the ...
December 02, 2022
#38. Vito's Wings & Pizza
In this episode, I speak to Vikram, a proud south asian who operates a successful Pizza Small Business.  He share...
November 25, 2022
#37. Network Spinal Care
In this episode, I speak to Dr. Allison Barriscale and Dr. Robert Coddington.  They share what Network Spinal...
November 18, 2022
#36. Oakberry Acai Bowls & Smoothies
In this episode, I speak to Tanya and Brad, co-partners of Oakberry in Streetsville.  They both share their passi...
November 11, 2022
#35. Energy Medicine
In this episode I speak to Lindsay.  She shares what energy medicine is and the many benefits.   To reac...
November 04, 2022
#34. Krista Znebel Holistic Nutritionis...
In this episode I speak to Krista, a Holistic Nutritionist.  She shares her earlier struggles that she had with d...
October 28, 2022
#33. Alpha's Discovery Kids Preschool a...
In this episode I speak to Susie, owner of  Alpha's Discovery Kids Preschool and Daycare.   She shares her earl...
October 21, 2022
#32. Special Edition: Mississauga Munic...
In this episode, I speak to candidate Kushagr Dutt Sharma who is running for councillor in Ward 11. He shares the ...
October 18, 2022
#31. Zenia Wadhwani
In this episode I speak to Zenia, a local Author, who grew up in Mississauga and who to this day comes back to the...
October 14, 2022
#30. Little Rose Cookies Co
In this episode I speak to Stephanie, owner of this wonderful and welcoming sweet cookie small business in Streets...
October 07, 2022
#29. Special Edition: Mississauga Elect...
In this special edition, I speak to Van Nguyen, who is running for School Trustee in Ward 5.  She shares her votevannguyen@gmail.com

Twitter & Telegram: @van_nguy3n

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vannguyen.rn

Instagram: votevannguyen

October 03, 2022
#28. Special Edition: Municipal Electio...
In this special edition, I speak to Derek Ramkissoon who is running for the mayor leadership.  Derek shares h...
September 28, 2022
#27. Fabiola Miguel
In this episode I speak to Fabiola who after overcoming her health challenges realized that there is more to life ...
September 23, 2022
#26. Special Edition Mississauga Electi...
In this episode I speak to Glynis D'Souza who is running for School Trustee in Ward 6 and 11.  We have an eng...
September 16, 2022
#25. Special Edition: Municipal Electio...
In this episode I speak to Mr. David Shaw who is a candidate for the Mississauga Mayorship.  He shares his passio...
September 09, 2022
Avoidance versus Acceptance
In this short episode I do some self-reflection and look at anger and pain. What I find out is that there's a diff...
September 05, 2022
#24. Jan: intuitive Tarot Coach
In this episode I speak to Jan who is an intuitive Tarot Coach.  She shares her travelling adventures to France w...
August 28, 2022
#23. Home Wellness Through interior Des...
In this episode I speak to Tasia, a home wellness expert that incorporates Feng Shui and intuitive insights.  ...
August 22, 2022
#22. Nutrition House
In this episode I speak to David whose family has been in business over 25 years in the the area of Nutrition and ...
August 15, 2022
#21. The Power of Healing
In this episode I speak to Daxa, a Reiki Master, who shares her transformation from her earlier struggles to meeti...
August 08, 2022
#20. BoardGains
In this episode I speak to Eric, founder of BoardGains. He shares how his passion for health and wellness sparked ...
August 01, 2022
#19. Netact Inc.
In this episode we speak to Michael, business owner of Netect Services Inc. Michael shares his extensive internati...
July 25, 2022
#18. Reverse Aging Wellness Clinic with...
In this episode Danuta shares her journey of leaving Poland and coming to Canada, how her involvement in wellness ...
July 18, 2022
#17. Asif "The Film Maker"
In this episode I speak to Asif a local film maker who resides in Mississauga.   He shares his ups and downs ...
July 11, 2022
#16. Pür & Simple
In this episode I speak to Mansoor Nishat owner of Pür & Simple in Heartland.  Mansoor shares his journe...
July 04, 2022
#15. Nature's Source
In this episode I speak to Sanjiv Jagota founder of Nature's Source.  Sanjeev shares his transition from the ...
June 27, 2022
#14. Shaman Sisters
In this episode we speak Rebecca,  founder and owner of Shaman Sisters.   She shares her journey fr...
June 20, 2022
#13. Venture X (Heartland)
In this episode I speak Ken Dietrich, Vice-President of Franchise Sales at Venture X. Ken shares his earlier days ...
June 13, 2022
#12. Farzi Cafe (Square One)
In this episode we talk to Sid. He is the General Manager of this contemporary molecular gastronomy Indian restaur...
June 06, 2022
#11. Living With Wellness Spring Festiv...
In this episode I speak to Anu Srivastava, Executive Director, of V Serve Canada.  She shares her passion for com...
June 02, 2022
#10. COBS (Heartland)
In this episode we talk to Silvi, franchisee owner of COBS in the Heartland Area.  She shares her story of her fa...
May 30, 2022
#9. Pinball Foundation
In this episode, I have a conversation with Jane.  We discuss her move to Ontario, her passion for fund raising, ...
May 24, 2022
#8. Community Discussions with Kevin on...
Kevin shares his research and background on the impact of 5G (SmartCity- Mississauga) and spraying via air on the ...
May 20, 2022
#7. Treqa
In this episode I speak to co-founder Patrick.  Patrick discusses his expedition hike/water adventure to the ...
May 16, 2022
#6. Marco Capone From Fit Life Mastery
In this episode we talk to Marco Capone.  Not only is he a a personal trainer, he also trains athletes, and i...
May 09, 2022
#5. Sam McDadi
Sam was raised in the city of Mississauga where he attended Lorne Park Secondary school. In his teen years, Sam de...
May 02, 2022
#4. South Western Bathhouse and Tea Roo...
In this episode I have a conversation with Valitina. Valitina shares her story how she and her family left Russia ...
April 25, 2022
#3. Chilli Chicken House
In this episode we have a conversation with David, one of the main chefs at their location in Mississauga. In this...
April 18, 2022
#2. Accelerated Release Technique with ...
Today's guest is Renu who lives in Mississauga.  I'm so excited to introduce everyone to this wonderful lady (647) 869-8565

April 11, 2022
#1. Marcello Di Carlo: BIE Holistic -He...
Today's guest is Marcello Di Carlo.  He is a Holistic Nutritionist and Iridologist from the Institute of Holi...
April 04, 2022
Interesting Facts
In this episode we explore some interesting facts about Mississauga. Who does not like interesting facts!   W...
March 28, 2022
The Introduction
I want to explore my backyard of Mississauga.  
February 27, 2022

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