Mississauga's Community Hub


How it all started

Hi, my name is Bhanu.

Hi, my name is Bhanu. This all started with a simple idea of starting a Podcast in the beginning of January 2022.  The initiative was taken through a course designed by Landmark International, a Personal and Professional Development Program, in which I made the decision to create a Community Project.  

The feeling of starting a podcast felt overwhelming yet exciting all at the same time. The idea of wanting to do a Podcast was always on my mind.  However, I never really took any type of action until I committed myself to this Project.  The next step for me was deciding on topics and discussions that I would love to have on my Podcast. The two topics I had an interest in exploring in the City of Mississauga were Food and Holistic Wellness.   Eventually, I also made the decision to invite small businesses and to have them share their stories.

Everything was finally coming together in my Project.  I had an area of interest and I was going to base it in the City of Mississauga.  The next step was also important.  A title for the Podcast.

After what felt like a few months, I finally decided on a proper title for the Podcast, I finally chose the name “Mississauga:Keeping It Real.”  I’ve chosen this name because it resonated with what I felt was missing. People and Society had forgotten how to be real with themselves in conversations and in life in general.  

As the project was moving forward, I was overwhelmed and thrilled by the positive feedback I was getting from people and those that I  was interviewing.  I knew I was on the right track.  

The final step was designing  a logo for my Podcast. Through my networking, I was able to connect with a friend who lives in Harriston, Ontario; who I met back in 2021.   Nichola is her name; an Art teacher and a very passionate lady with two daughters and a Husband who could sing.  “Bob, you are amazing! You just need to learn some Bollywood tunes!”   Nichola also created an original wax painting for me.  A lady of many talents.  When you first enter their beautiful home you can feel the artwork come alive, like the movie, “NIght at the Museum.”   “Not really, hypothetically I mean!”  “You get the point!” Nickola designed the very first black and white logo. I will always be thankful.

Forward three months later, 24 episodes were completed on the Spotify platform.   Looking back now and reflecting on how I started was a journey itself.  I can still recall when I started this adventure of podcasting in the earlier days when I would visit guests with my smartphone and a jib camera stand.  

The thrill of the idea of connecting with people in Mississauga and seeing their business or services they provided was exciting.   For example, meeting Mr. Sam McDadi in his Clarkson Office or meeting David the Chef at their Chilli Chicken House Restaurant, a small business, in the Erindale area.  The best part was sometimes I was given free meals or products. 

So this is where the story gets interesting.

Michael was one of my guests on the Podcast whom I call Mr Inspirational, reached out to me  and said, “That you have something really special here!” Then, he said, “I want to support you!”

We engaged in conversation back and forth and he alluded to the fact that I was actually taking my time out and connecting with the people of Mississauga and listening to their stories. He was actually right!  In some way, it was nice to be acknowledged for all the work I was putting in. Michael then shared the idea of a Web-Based Community Hub in the City of Mississauga.  

If I was going to go forward and do a Web-based Community Hub, I told Michael it had to be something different.  Next, Michael and I sat down at his home office and he proposed some ideas.

This was in the Fall of 2022 and the rest is history!!!!😁


If I was going to go forward and do a Web-based Community Hub, I told Michael it had to be something different. Next, Michael and I sat down at his home office and he proposed some ideas

A lot of time and dedication has been put in designing this website.  Please explore all that is available.

 The website includes an open public Mississauga platform, where information and ideas can be shared openly, including video.  I personally created a handful of Community Groups including:

If I was the Mayor of Mississauga

Health and Fitness


Holistic Healing

 In addition, the website has a dedicated Art Page, to showcase the many local artists that are here in the City of Mississauga.  Artists needed a platform to be seen and heard. Bring on the Art! Furthermore, what an opportunity for them to sell their art pieces and make a commission.  

I would also like to thank some photographers who kindly allowed us to share their pictures.  A BIG THANK YOU to Brad Killen (Bus), Warren Wong (J.C. Saddington Park), Alaeddin Hallak (Park Bench), and Manny from Red Mango (City Streets with the Absolute Buildings)

We have merchandise!  All our offerings are Print on Demand. This means that we will print your product specially for you, after you have ordered it.  Made with Pride in Canada. We would love your support and see the brand grow. 

Alright, Mississauga it’s time to connect with others through your Community Hub and keep it real.